Wash Bay Price List

Tractor Wash and Extras (For Big Rigs)

Basic Conventional Wash ($52)  - Pre-soak, handwash, high pressure rinse.                       


Combo A ($63) - Wash, Wax, Towel Dry, Tire Shine                        

Combo B ($73)  - Wash, Engine Wash, Wax, Towel Dry, Tire Shine                                                                                  

Combo C ($79)  - Wash, Engine Wash, Acid, Wax, Towel Dry, Tire Shine

Combo D ($84) - Wash, Engine Wash, Wax, Towel Dry, Tire Shine, Citric Acid

Trailer Wash and Extras (For Big Rigs)

Van Trailer - $32

Refrigerant Van WASHOUT - $35

Fuel Tanker - $69

Oil Tanker - $70

Bulk Tanker - $70

Flat Bed - $32

Same Add-ons above apply below



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