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In our final article of the "What You Need To Know" series, you'll find some helpful tips about being the most prepared possible before even ordering signage. There are some very important things that you need to have taken care of prior to contacting the sign company of your choice (although, I highly recommend Impact Signs). Not only will it speed up the process but it can potentially save you thousands of dollars and a lot of aggravation in the long run. Grab your notebook and let's jump right in.

Before you ever start working with a sign company, make sure that you are ready to order and have all your ducks in a row. I say this because, there may be other determining factors that can restrict your creativity. If ignored, these little hold-ups can potentially cost you big money and cause lots of headaches along the way. The sign shop is not the only stop you may need to make when you get ready to order. No, really! This whole process is essentially a waiting game so plan in advance and don't wait to the last minute. Let me explain....

First and foremost, make sure that if you rent, your landlord will even allow signage to be installed on or around the building. You'd be surprised how often this is overlooked. If given the all clear, awesome! You'll next need to check with your city codes. Make sure that you are abiding by the implemented procedures and/or any restrictions that may apply to your special circumstance. Keep in mind that you may even have to get a permit. Unfortunately, this can take some time. Plan in advance and don't wait to the last minute as your lack of time will not rush the city. You'll only find yourself out of luck and ill prepared for your grand opening. What's worse is, if you bypass the city's signage rules you could possiblly be slapped with a fine for not getting the appropriate approval beforehand. This can become costly, especially if your new signs must now be torn down.

On that same note, know that when it comes to the actual designing, production, and installation of your signage, those all take time of their own, as well. This part should be allotted about 30 additional days from beginning to end. While the sign companies are eager to get your job turned out and completed, we simply are not magicians and can't make signs just appear out of thin air. It all takes time. So, again, plan in advance and don't wait to the last minute! Are you starting to see a reoccurring theme here? I can't even begin to count all the times I have had a customer come in to order a sign. They have no idea what they want, let alone size, and immediately ask if they can get it now (like, walk out with it "now") because they needed it yesterday. IT DOESN'T WORK LIKE THAT!!! Plan in advance and don't wait to the last minute!

Now when it comes to generating ideas for designs, keep your expectations realistic and be willing to compromise. Your graphic designer has an entire team they work side by side with and can usually direct you in the best avenue while detouring you away from potential problems. Also, if you can provide adequate vectorized artwork to the designer, this alone can save you lots of money and time. I promise you, your designer and sign company want to get your order filled and completed just as quickly and painlessly as possible. We don't like redoing things. I mean, after all, time is money.... For more information on what all happens from the time you first walk in the door to the time your project is finished, hop over to another one of our blogs here.

Well, you've made it to the end... "Congratulations!" By now, you should be well equipped with adequate know-how to confidently get those wonderful ideas of yours rolling! We would be privileged to work with you and help make those ideas a reality. When you're ready, and have all those ducks in a row, give us, IMPACT SIGNS, a call at (940) 234-7746 and we'll get to work! In the meantime, if you would like to know more about us, please visit us online, on Facebook, or Instagram. To learn more about what goes on behind the scenes, our history, and lots of other cool stuff... check out our blog. We'd greatly appreciate it if you would please like, comment, and share. Take care, and we'll talk to ya' soon.

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