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What You Need To Know: MARKETING

If you're reading this, you most likely have already read our first article in the "What You Need To Know" series. If not, here is that link to go check it out. This blog is about things to keep in mind when designing logos and branding your company. Marketing can be really beneficial if it's done correctly. It's not even hard or complicated if you know what to focus on. Today I am going to give you the secrets to getting the most out of your marketing budget.

Now lets get down to the nitty gritty... the best marketing practices to consider when designing or redesigning your business logo are very simple. The best rule of thumb to remember here is the famous acronym "KISS". No seriously, keep it simple. Think about it for a second. All big name brand business have a very simple logo, simple colors, simple fonts, simple verbiage, and all are very recognizable and easy to read. Am I right?!

Consider the following logos for Walmart, Taco Bell, Lowes, Target, etc. All of these are pretty basic, but recognized immediately. Now think about all the signs in your town. Which ones stand out the most and are the easiest to read? It's the ones that favor the simplistic style. The more elaborate signs are harder to read and distracting. The signs appear busy and your eyes don't know where to focus. Keep this in mind when you start to design your logos and signage. Your sign over all should be easily read and immediately identify the brand and/or what you're selling. (KISS) Money saving tip here (wink, wink): this can potentially cut down on design time in the future should your logo ever have to be recreated. However, with proper preparedness this should not be an issue. To find out how, check out the first article of this series here.

Next thing to keep in mind is the use of colors. Whenever possible I always recommend using fewer colors. This most often comes in to play with (but not limited to) promotional products like the ones mentioned here. The reason for this is that if you ever decide to have screen printing done with your logo, you are going to pay for a set up fee for each of those colors. That can get pricey if you have chosen to use many different colors. Also, usually a maximum combination of either two or three colors looks the best anyhow. (KISS) Less is more! Less is also cheaper!

If you have some extra cushion in your budget, make it count. Do this by increasing the size of your signage. On that note, be aware that by going bigger the overall cost can also go up as well (not always, but sometimes). As materials, labor and/or install time, and possibly shipping increases, so will the cost of your project. Of course there are also ways to cut this down, such as installing yourself or picking up in store. When it comes to figuring out if paying the professionals are the way to go or DIY will work, the blog here will help you decide. Obviously, just talk to your designer when you place your order and let them know what you are looking for and what size budget you are working with. More often than not, we can usually accommodate any size! (Oh yeah and most importantly... KISS!)

Give Impact Signs a call today at (940) 234-7746 and we can start designing your business savvy logo. We are located inside Falls Truck Center at 2303 Old Jacksboro Hwy Suite 201, Wichita Falls, TX 76302. We have friendly associates who pride themselves on exceptional customer service. Please don't forget to like, comment, and most importantly share this blog if you found it helpful! Take care, and we'll talk to ya' soon!

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