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Are You Getting the Right Type of Vinyl?

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

During any conversation about graphics, the word vinyl is sure to get thrown around a time or two. The thing is, though, the term vinyl is used as a generic reference. In all actuality, there are many, many different types of vinyl and each one has a specific and unique purpose. Using the wrong type of vinyl for the wrong job can easily result in failure. This is why, if you've ever stepped foot inside of a sign company, you will probably find rows and rows displaying a diverse selection of vinyl. It may seem a bit overwhelming at first, but each one of these rolls have a very specific and important job to do. Don't worry about trying to decipher between all of these, though, because we will help steer you in the best direction for your individual project.

Heat Press Transfers

Thermoflex is most commonly used for application on shirts. This material feels almost like rubber in it's original state. Verbiage and graphics can either be cut out of this or printed onto it. Once the vinyl is past this stage it will go into a heat press. This is when the vinyl is actually adhered to the shirt. Consistent, evenly heated pressure is applied in this machine. High heat at specific temperatures allow the thermoflex to be transferred from the backing sheet it comes on to the shirt itself. After this is done the shirt is allowed to cool and is ready for the customer!

Single Color Vinyls

Vinyl comes in many, many different shades of every possible color you can think of. There are even shiny and matte colors. If you've got an eye for sparkle, we have metallic selections as well. There are reflective options and, believe it or not, translucent ones. You can find carbon fiber, florescent, frosted, golds, chromes and so many others. The cost of these do vary drastically though, so keep that in mind when looking to make your design pop!

Printable Vinyls

Digital vinyl is a special kind of vinyl that will allow for direct large format printing. This material allows for images to be displayed and logos of businesses to come to life! There is so much that you can do with digital vinyl. The sky really is the limit! Depending solely on where the material will be applied will be the deciding factor on the specific type of digital vinyl to be used. All digital vinyl comes on rolls that are initially white and can be as long as 50 yards in length and vary in width. Don't worry though, our sales team will help guide you through the decision process of exactly what type should be used for your project.

Static Cling

Static cling is extremely versatile and cost effective. This material can easily be applied to windows and other smooth surfaces. For temporary signage needs, you seriously might want to consider static cling. There is no clean up after removal of this material to contend with either, which makes it very user friendly. You could really save some money with this option as it is reusable and easy to install yourself.

Perforated Digital Vinyl

Window perforation is an excellent choice when privacy and visibility is a concern. This material has very small holes made into it over the entire surface area. While you can see through this, only one direction is capable of being seen. This is popular for vehicle and business windows that need to be covered. It can seamlessly be combined with wrap material for complete coverage.

Wrap Vinyl

Last, but definitely not least, is wrap material. This type of vinyl is made for conforming to curves and different shapes. The benefit of this material is that it is very pliable and comes in different strengths of adhesion to correlate with the surface it will be applied to. Walls, rough textures, marine, vehicle, and floor decals all require different types of this material. While wrap vinyl can come in single colors, matte, gloss, metallics, chromes, and even colors that transition to another color, there's also the option to have it printed with personalized text and graphics. If you are looking to stand out, wraps hold their own and pay off in the long run when it comes to advertisment. We strongly recommend checking out our recent blog about wraps, as there are tons of very informative and useful information "wrapped" (LOL) up in there.

In conclusion, knowing the purpose of your project is the key to everything else. At Impact Signs, we have the know-how to tackle all of you projects. We are located inside of Falls Truck Center at 2303 Old Jacksboro Hwy Suite 201, Wichita Falls, TX 76302. In case you didn't know, our complete list of available services at FTC include 24-hour roadside assistance, truck sales, as well as truck and trailer wash. Our services don't end there, though.... We also have dedicated departments to take care of all of your paint and body work, tons of available pickup accessories, parts, accessible mechanics on site, and even a dedicated chrome shop! We really do have something for everyone and we're proudly your one stop shop for all of your graphics, vehicle, RV, semi-truck (and trailer) needs. If you haven't stopped in to check us out yet, come swing by and we'll be glad to show you around and welcome you into the FTC family! Oh yeah, don't forget to hit the ❤ button and feel free leave any comments (or questions) in the section below. Hope to see you soon...!

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