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Types of Vehicle Graphics You Need to Know About

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Vehicle graphics are a great option for advertisement. They offer something for everyone and are available at every price range. From simple to extremely complex, the sky is the limit. The options include magnets, customized lettering, window perforation, partial or full wraps, and all sorts of combinations of a number of these. When deciding on what works best for your individual needs, please take the following into consideration.

Considering cost and staying within a budget is a major deciding factor for most, and understandably so. Most likely, magnets will be the cheapest option available. The next cost effective media will, on average, be custom lettering followed by window perforation, partial wraps, and of course full wraps topping the list as the biggest investment. While the costs may vary with each, the uses may offer some flexibility as well.

Magnetic signage perform amazingly well for instances when the vehicle only needs to display a message at certain times. For instance, if the vehicle doubles as a personal and a business vehicle, the option of having removable and reusable signage could be a major bonus for the owner. While these signs are removable, some additional care must be given when storing. For future use, the product works best when stored flat and is recommended to be cleaned before each use. At time of application, make sure that the entire magnet is placed flat on the vehicle as any lifted edge may cause the possible loss of signage while driving. The lifted edge can create the perfect spot for air to get behind and peel the magnet off of the vehicle. Despite the slightly added need to clean behind and ensure future application be done flat, magnets do work very well and accomplish the needs of many.

If you are looking for a more permanent option, custom lettering, window perforation, and wraps all do that job exceptionally. Often times, truck door letting is a good middle ground. While it offers the permanency of stationary signage, it won't break the bank. Business logos can easily be installed on the vehicle with additional important information if so chosen. Typically, the overall size will compare closely to that of magnets. That being said though, lettering is not limited to use on doors alone as it can be applied to any surface on the vehicle.

Window perforation can be printed to accommodate any message or business logo. This material works great on rear windows to add privacy and block out some heat and harsh sun. Use of this material on the front windshield and/or front side windows is not recommended however. Visibility is seen through to the brightest side of the window. For example, if the rear window were covered with this, during daylight the driver can see out but someone standing on the outside of the vehicle would not be able to see into the vehicle. This product works best on rear windows and van or bus windows.

Lastly, wraps offer a wonderful wow effect and can be customized to any business. This option can create the most bang for the buck as the visual effect can really be astounding. While this option is the most expensive, the amount of coverage can be adjusted to fit most anyone's budget. Wraps can be full, meaning the entire vehicle will be covered with pictures, logos, verbiage, or any combination of such. That being said, partial wraps only cover part of the vehicle but can still present the same wow factor as a full wrap. While part of the vehicle will still be exposed, the transition is intentional and can often times flow right into the design of the wrap, making the appearance seem as though it were completely covered. Partial wraps can easily be combined with vehicle lettering to help aid in that seamless transition to the original paint color.

Whether you are interested in something that is temporary, permanent, partial, or full coverage, our team would be happy to sit down with you and discuss your individual needs. We can offer suggestions and help you get your business name out there and noticed in the most professional way possible. If you'd like to know more about this process or what we can do for you, contact our knowledgeable and friendly team today. We look forward to earning your trust!

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