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A great way to save money with graphics is simply by installing them yourself. We have included a very helpful step by step how-to guide for doing just that. DIY installs are actually very doable with smaller projects and decals. With proper steps and a little guidance, this can successfully be achieved. To learn how to install like a professional, keep reading.

  1. Clean area thoroughly with soap and water. (For areas with residual adhesive or grime, use a first aid type rubbing alcohol to remove any remaining contaminates. Try this in an inconspicuous area first to ensure no paint is damaged. Most often this works fine.) Be sure that the area is free of any and all debris as this will show after install and can affect the longevity of the vinyl adhesion to the substrate. In worst cases, vinyl will not stick at all and immediate lifting upon installation will occur resulting in failure.

  2. If decal is to be placed in center, find all centers of substrate as well as decal and mark. Use masking tape to secure graphics to substrate once desired placement has been achieved. A solid piece across the entire top edge of the graphic works best. Try to achieve a 50% overlap of both the graphic edge as well as the substrate. Secure tape by firmly sliding squeegee across the entire length.

  3. Flip graphic upside down on itself making sure to not lift the masking tape applied.

  4. Starting with the edge closest to the masking tape, begin to peel the backing paper off of the decal itself. It is recommended to only peel small sections at a time to make install easiest.

  5. Place the graphic back in its original position. While holding firmly begin to squeegee down the exposed section of adhesive back. Continue this process (repeating step #4 as needed) until the entire decal is applied.

  6. Once the graphic is fully installed, slowly and carefully begin to peel the transfer tape back on itself along with any masking tape left behind. (This step is only necessary if a transfer tape is present on top of the graphic.) Congratulations! You have successfully installed your first vinyl graphic. Now step back to get a good look at your hard work and enjoy!

At the bottom of this page you will find a free downloadable checklist for DIY graphics installation. To find out more about installing graphics check out the link here. It's full of good information, useful tips, and knowing when it's time to stop and call in the professionals. If this blog was helpful to you, we would greatly appreciate it if you would like this post and then share it. Do you have any helpful tips or tricks for installing vinyl? Please comment below; we'd love to hear what works (or doesn't) for you. When it is time to get the professionals on the job, call Impact Signs at (940) 234-7746 or if you ever have any questions and we will gladly help. We can also be found on Facebook or online. Don't forget to download this guide for easy, on the go help. ...and as always, take care and we'll talk to you soon!

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