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How to Overcome Color Change Wrap Problems

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

As experts in wrapping vehicles, it's obvious that we do lots of custom vinyl wraps here at Impact Signs. With each unique project we do, there are numerous and vastly different ways to wrap each of those vehicles. Often times, though, there is the misconception that all wraps must cover the entirety of the vehicle's surface area. This, however, is far from the reality of it all. While we do install lots of full wraps, partial wraps are just as popular and for some, even the better option. Wraps, per se, are intended to drastically change the appearance of the vehicle without repainting or disturbing the existing paint. We have previously written a very informative blog about the misconceptions pertaining to wraps. Not only is it full of very important information but it lays some really great groundwork for anyone that is thinking about getting a wrap done. You can read that blog here and we highly recommend checking it out if you are.

One of the many ways to wrap a vehicle is to get, what we call, a color change. This is exactly as it sounds... changing the color of the vehicle! When this is done every inch of the vehicle that is being converted must be covered by vinyl. While this may sound pretty obvious, it requires that quite a lot of work be done in order to ensure it's installed correctly and the end result is the most aesthetically pleasing possible. In order to accomplish this, there is a long list of preliminary work that must be done before the digital vinyl wrap is actually ready to be installed. One of those things is the removal of body panels. With that task comes the following: removal of head lights and tail lights, bumpers, gaskets, moldings, badges, interior door moldings, truck beds, mirrors, and the list can honestly go on and on depending on each individually vehicle. This extensive step is absolutely necessary to guarantee complete coverage of the preexisting paint.

When deciding on a color change, precise attention to detail must be given. You must be looking for every visible nook and cranny. There are lots of curves, turns, and areas underneath other body panels that are never given much or for that matter any thought. However, once a wrap is installed, it can proudly show their existence especially when a different color is placed all around them. In this instance, you will be very happy that you opted to have all of those body panels (etc.) removed before hand.

Let me give you an example of color peeking through in some really obvious places.... Imagine a white truck. The customer decided they wanted to change the color to a pretty metallic cobalt blue. Sounds gorgeous, right?! Well, now imagine if the installer decided to take the easy route and not remove anything beforehand. The wrap is done and laid down perfectly smooth and is sparkling in the sunlight like a brand new ride, fresh off of the show room floor. Oh, but wait! What is that...? Behind both bumpers there is white that is very obviously visible. Ewww, and right there around the head light and window gaskets, white. You start to walk the length of the vehicle and the more you look the more you begin to see white peeking through everywhere. At the bottom of the rocker panel, again, white! Along the curve going into the door jam, white! Between the cab and the truck bed every bit of it, white! This can't possible get worse, or could it? Look at the door handles and around the badges, there's white clearly in eyesight! As the paying customer, you are completely dissatisfied with the final product, and understandably so. This all could have been avoided had the extra effort been given to properly prepare the vehicle before the installation began.

Knowingly, it isn't the client's responsibility to know how to disassemble, properly install, or even reassemble body parts and graphics. It is their responsibility, though, to do their homework ahead of time and research both the company and the product they are interested in. The myth busting blog I mentioned at the start of this is really worth clicking over to and reading, through! It also provides additional links that will provide you with even more insight and direction! No one wants to waste their hard earned money by making a poor decision on where they get their vehicle graphics from. After all, it's their vehicle we're talking about and that alone is not cheap. You obviously care about how you spend your money and who you decide to trust your "baby" with because you're still reading this blog. Way to go on being a responsible consumer!! If you're interested in learning more about what to expect from the time you give us a call for a quote to the second you drive off our lot with your show worthy ride, check out this blog about what all goes on behind the scenes. If you want to dive in deeper and explore the different vinyl we offer, hop over to here and you'll find some other wonderful articles that can help explain things even further!

Here at Impact Signs, we are the experienced and knowledgeable professionals that you need to get the job done right for you the first time without costing you unnecessary additional costs. We specialize in wrapping vehicles, be it personal, commercial, and even fleet. You can rest assured that the final product will be car show ready when you pick it up. We use only the absolute best brands of vinyl to ensure that durability and longevity are successfully achieved with each project that we do. We pride ourselves on our reputation and returned customers, and of course, with earning the trust of new ones. Each job that comes in is treated as if it were our own. Our staff will guide you along the process and address any concerns you may have along the way, be it a vehicle wrap, sign, decals, promotional products, graphic designs, or anything else.

The final product quality you purchase is dependent on not just the material being used, but it also is very directly affected by the application process, the individual doing the work, the precision of preliminary prep work being thoroughly completed, as well as simply having the right tools and expertise to get the job done. Seriously consider checking out those other links I have provided you with to get the best understanding of everything involved. Of course, if you have any concerns about wrapping your vehicle you are always welcome to reach out to us at (940) 234-7746 or leave your questions and/or comments in the section below and we will be more than happy to address them there. For even more pictures of outstanding jobs that we've done, please check out our Facebook, Instagram, or website. Lastly, if you thought this post was helpful, let us know! …and as always, please hit the like button, share it to all of your friends, and know that we GREATLY APPRECIATE your support and efforts to help us get our IMPACT SIGNS name out there! We'll talk to ya' soon!

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