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How To Choose The Best Banner

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

There are four most commonly used types of banners. Each one of these have different characteristics and cater to diverse circumstances. Of those, vinyl banners are the most popular and offer exceptional viewing from a distance. When aiming to get the most bang for your buck, vinyl banners are a wonderful option because they are fairly inexpensive. The second type are mesh banners. These allow air to pass through from one side to the other. Next up are retractable banners. These banners are most frequently made use of at indoor events as they have a very polished and professional appearance. Finally, rounding out these four groups are feather flag banners. These flag style banners are made from fabric and utilize the breeze to create movement, which in turn attracts even more viewing.

All four types of banners work great for events. They can be utilized for advertising, attached along fences, or even line a walkway to create a barricade and direct people either to a certain area or prevent them from entering another. Creating a picture perfect backdrop for photographs is even easy when you can customize a vinyl banner for that special occasion. Do you need to communicate important information such as "Grand Opening", "Blowout Sale", or "Now Hiring", among many others? No problem! It's simple and effective with the use of banners. They are eye catching and work well when getting a message out to the public.

Not only are banners extremely cost effective, but they are also reusable. They're weatherproof which means they can be used indoors and outdoors. Due to their ease of displaying, they are exhibited everywhere. You can find them attached to the outside of buildings, hung up at trade shows, and displayed along streets. Their versatility is yet another huge benefit to consider when looking to purchase new signage.

Why a traditional banner?

Both mesh and vinyl type banners typically have a very quick turnaround time compared to other forms of signage. This is a great option when time is of the essence. They are finished off with a hem around the entire outer edge. Along that edge, grommets are fastened to provide ease of hanging. This convenience can possibly eliminate any additional costs of having an installation done, thus saving you even more money! Sizing also can be customized to the customer's individual needs. Versatility abounds with these two types of banners. The biggest difference between them being that the mesh banner has tiny holes woven into the material to create a passageway for air to escape. However, don't be mislead, because it doesn't compromise the excellent visibility offered by this type of banner and it's still completely legible.

I need more pizazz...

Retractable banners offer the convenience of portability and they store incredibly well. These banners roll up and collapse into a tidy storage and carrying case that is included as part of the product. Typically, retractable banners are used indoors because they are free standing and self supporting. They can have the potential to topple over if it is too windy though, so these banners work best in controlled areas. You've probably seen these at a convention or other similar event before. Their appearance is extremely professional and they can be utilized to offer information, advertise, or even give directional assistance.

All eyes on me!

Lastly, feather flags are vertically positioned. They are intended to move with the breeze. This movement adds to the attention grabbing capabilities resulting in a bigger audience reached than might otherwise be accomplished with stationary signage. These banners typically only display a couple of words and are very brightly colored. They are available in a wide selection of sizes, weather resistant, and work great both indoors and outdoors. Obviously though, the supportive base of this banner will accommodate either being staked into the ground or offer a free standing option to allow for possible indoor use. These different style bases can be explored in further detail with our friendly sales team.

Final thoughts:

Once the decision is made on what type of banner to go with, design should seriously be given a decent amount of consideration as well. Ideally, it should be contrasting to the location in which it will be hung. The ultimate objective of banners is to be read from a distance. This means that big, bold text should be the preferred font here. You want the message to be easily read. In conjunction to this, the message should be short and to the point as the best banners are very quickly understood. While the colors, pictures, and any graphics used should be bright and eye-catching, they still do need to correlate with your branding. Everything needs to flow together seamlessly to create the most effective advertisement.

Exactly how beneficial are banners? Well, they're actually very worthwhile and tend to be 33% more effective at reaching their intended audience than billboards are. With all the functionality they offer, cost effectiveness, repeated usability, and easy displaying options, it's an obvious and wonderful choice for advertising. Impact Signs is available for all of your advertisement needs and we are ready to help you create your perfect banner. Contact us today to get started on that great idea you've been putting off. We're looking forward to working with you!

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