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HAPPY BIRTHDAY Falls Truck Center!

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Falls Truck Center is a locally owned business that was started back in October of 2000. We have officially been up and running for a solid 20 years straight! Over those years, our company has grown astronomically from a one man show to a multifaceted business with an even longer register of individuals employed by FTC. Since our birthday month is currently underway, we figured what better way to celebrate than to look back over the years and take a look at just how far we have and continue to grow!

Back in 2000, a young man by the name of Sean Choate, was in his early 20's and working for FedEx. One of his job responsibilities at that time was to be liable for keeping his truck clean and presentable for his route. To earn a little extra moolah, he began to wash the trucks of his coworkers during the weekends. This motivation directly led him to where he is today. Sean went from being a delivery driver to a business owner once he realized that washing big trucks had the potential to become a legit job. Not only was the need there, but at that time Wichita Falls didn't have a single facility to wash large vehicles the size of 18 wheelers. …and so began the start of Falls Truck Center.

Initially, his soon to be booming business began with just himself. He focused on washing big rig type trucks where the need was most. From there, he began to hire help as the work began to flow in faster than he could handle it alone. The simple start up idea he had quickly grew into a company that now employees well over 45 professional, and hard working individuals. That number continues to grow as we are always looking to add to our outstanding team! The focal point, just like the number of employees, also expanded as the word spread that there was now a local and easily accessible truck wash for those larger scale vehicles. With word getting out that this valued commodity was now available, people started coming from all over the country, literally! He soon started to accommodate a wide array of vehicles from trucks, to trailers, to RVs, and more. As it turned out, there was a very huge need for all big vehicles to have somewhere they could be taken to get a thorough wash.

As his clientele grew, so did the services he offered. Each type of large vehicle brought with it new and expanding opportunities to fulfill additional needs and services. He saw the needs as they arose once again, and seized each opportunity as they presented themselves. To this day, his one man show has profoundly grown into a multi-department facility where you have access to anything and everything. We offer a wide array of services that include 24-Hour Roadside Repair for those unexpected moments, a Chrome Shop where you can shop some really cool accessories until you drop, and access to Impact Signs where you'll find all of your graphic and promotional needs. There are also departments that offer Parts Installation, Mechanic Shop, Parts Shop, Paint & Body Shop for those little fixes all the way to complete redo's, Pickup & Jeep Accessories to upgrade any ride, Tire Shop to keep you rolling, Truck Sales, an online store, and of course our many Wash Bays to get you shining like new again! To say this is a one stop shop is putting it lightly. Regardless of what you drive, or what you may be looking for, Falls Truck Center is sure to have something for any and everyone. If you don't believe us, stop in and take a look around! We are constantly growing and adding to our inventory and services so you never know what you might find next!

If you are wondering how all of these diverse departments gel together, I'll explain! We can literally do everything in-house when a vehicle is involved in an accident. You no longer have to stress and fuss with the insurance companies because we have in-house adjusters that will take care of all of that for you. We will assess and repair any damage that has occurred. No job is beyond our capabilities as we take care of all the mechanical repairs, be it repair or replacement, paint, or even body work. Check this out... we even handle classic cars! We can even add accessories for that upgrade you have been eyeing! Our Chrome Shop is extensively stocked with lots of cool upgrades and our installation department is a master at getting those parts installed in a timely fashion and, most importantly, correctly the first time. We take the headache out of installing upgrades for you. You're welcome to kick back in our heated and cooled indoor lobby area where you will find comfy couches and a recliner to watch TV while we take care of all your vehicular needs! If that's not enough, you can get your hands on any custom design graphic, wrap, or lettering in our very own sign shop. Need promotional products or commercial signage? Yeah, we've got that too!! Are you looking to get some parts blasted or even polished to that perfect shine? You guessed it! Our refinishing shop is the expert at making those wheels and aluminum shine like new! Do you need new tires mounted and balanced? What about an alignment? We've got you covered on all of that too with our state of the art alignment center and tire shop which offers lots of name brand tires and wheels. We can service vehicles and have an extensive selection of mechanical parts offered and readily available in our on site parts department. Not only do we have immediate access to parts but we also own an Axle surgeon franchise that provides full service axle rebuilds for those really big fixes. …and guess what, it's the only one in a 50 mile radius, too. When all that's finished, we can wash and detail anything you have, all the way up to big rig size! We specialize in 18-wheelers, any kind of trailers, pickups, Jeeps, and even RVs. Falls Truck Center really is the only place that offers anything and everything in house and provides that convenient one stop shop just for you!

The dedication Sean showed from his first day open continues still to this today. In order to provide that same consistent, reliable, and thorough service to each and every one of our customers, FTC bases their employee's bonuses on a Profit-Made system. This means that in order to encourage our employees to provide the best service possible, they must be aware and cognitive of our cost being associated with every job that we do and each department that is involved with it. In other words, this view point allows them to have an invested interest in the products and services they are supplying to each of our customers. Ultimately, creating the best customer experience and most enjoyable work environment for everyone involved. Our drive to remain innovative in this day and age keeps us constantly looking and bring to fruition the newest and most exciting additions to our customers. We love to see familiar faces return just as much as we enjoy establishing trusted relationships with new customers.

In order to ensure the continued exceptional service that we provide to each of our customers, we have had to get creative during some complicated times. Some ways that we have went above and beyond to keep the trust of our community includes times like during the drought. We were greatly affected by this event. To overcome the obstacle of water rationing, we began to haul in our own water to fulfill the need that was still prevalent despite the effects that the drought had brought to our area. In addition, Sean decided to invest in expanding the business with the many other services so that we are not solely dependent on one specific department alone. The most recent epidemic, obviously being Covid-19, brought even more challenges. We extended our on-call hours to accommodate any of our valued truck drivers' needs, regardless of the time or day. We also began to deliver more of our products to ensure the safety of everyone involved. The additions of our vast array of departments and services has been a prominent factor in our substantial success we have achieved thus far. Not only has it created a unified team for the employees but it has been a huge factor and has positively impacted the overall success and growth of the business as a whole. The convenience of so many different services and products all in one location has been a wonderful asset for our customers as well.

While continuing the success of Falls Truck Center is obviously very important to us all, we are focused on our community and giving back as well. We have participated in numerous local organizations by donating services, signs, and light bars when the need has presented itself. Some of those organizations include Windthorst Community Center, WF Little League, and many local schools. To prevent local tax dollars from being used when the Police Department made the decision to place "In God We Trust" on their many cruisers, FTC stepped up and did their part by donating them at no cost to a total of four different departments extending out to a 60 mile radius. In addition to this, we also provide decals to all volunteer fire department individuals at no cost to say "Thank you!" We also extend this to all businesses. If that's not enough, there's more. We even go to the extent of suppling LED lighting to them at no cost for their trucks. Our community is so supportive, in fact, that when word got out and they became aware of what we were doing, we asked them to show their support, as well, by donating to the VFD that they chose.... The result of this community effort was concluded by sending in bulk donations to all of our VFDs! How great is that?! In addition to all of this, we go one step further by supporting our troops and showing how much they mean to us. We do this by offering a military discount to any and all individuals past and present that have defended our freedom! We love our military, veterans, Fire Departments, Police Department and all of those that continue to protect and serve our great country!

We would love to show you around our complex facility. Why don't you stop by and take a look, if you haven't already! We are conveniently located just off of US-287 at the Loop 473 N and Old Jacksboro Highway exit. You can check us out online, through our Blogs, FTC or Impact Signs Facebook pages, and FTC or Impact Instagram accounts as well. Feel free to browse through our online store where we offer many products that are available for shipping. If you're interested in joining our awesome team, please reach out to us as we are constantly growing and always on the lookout for wonderful people to add to our FTC family! However you choose to check us out, we look forward to creating a lasting relationship with you and we'll see ya' soon! Please like and share this blog to help spread the word! …and as always, "THANK YOU" from all of us here at FTC!!!

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