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Gratitude Signage: The Most Trending Thing Right Now!

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

With everyone social distancing these days, being able to show someone how important they are to you has required getting a bit creative. One of the most trendy ways right now to show someone gratitude is with yard signs. The dimensions of each yard sign measure 18" tall by 24" wide and includes a step stake for easy installation. Telling that teacher, special someone, or family member how much they mean to you is possible again with a unique personalized sign made just for them!

Social interaction has become limited as of late due to Covid-19. With that though, the need to stay connected with others has become a bit more of a challenge these days. The good news... even though it may require a little more thought, it's not impossible! To help with that, we have curated a list of five creative ways to express gratitude towards others during these restrictive times.

  1. Make a phone call or video chat.

  2. Offer a free favor like cutting grass.

  3. Send a simple handwritten note in the mail.

  4. Send fresh flowers.

  5. Deliver a surprise personalized sign.

There are many uses for yard signs too! With school just around the corner, what better way to welcome everyone back than with a personalized yard sign! Whether, you want to say thank you, welcome back, get well soon, happy birthday, congratulations, or just give a shout out to that special someone, customized yard signs are a great way to show them just how much you care. Due to Covid and our "new normal", the way we used to show people appreciation and how much they mean to us has changed drastically. Signs are increasingly becoming the most trendy and popular way to do that. You can really make the surprise extra special by adding graphics or even a personal photograph to be portrayed directly on the sign itself.

Heck, even snail mail is making a remarkable comeback these days. Receiving a simple card in the mail just to say "Hi!" can really brighten up the day for someone. Stationary is not only fun to receive but also fun to personalize. You can really make that hello feel warm with individualized stationary. Did you know we offer things like postcards, greeting cards, letterhead, notepads and even envelopes? We are officially bringing pen pals back baby! Seriously, I can't be the only one who gets super excited over stationary!!! Can I?

In addition to these signs and collection of stationary, floral arrangements are another great idea for reaching out to someone. Fresh flowers are not only beautiful, but they smell good too! Surprise flowers are sure to put a smile on the recipient's face. There's a wonderful, local florist who offers beautiful bouquets. Impact Signs was lucky enough to be surprised with some gorgeous arrangements not too long ago by Flower Girl, herself! She offers stunning blooming bouquets. Don't believe me? Check her out for yourself here >>> and remember to tell her Impact Signs sent you!

Regardless of how you choose to show your appreciation, Impact Signs is positive to have something to help you accomplish just that! We have a very friendly team of individuals who know how to help you display exactly what it is that you want to say. Not only will your special someone feel cared about, but you too will get a dose of those warm fuzzies knowing that you've done something nice to brighten up someone else's day. Happiness and good deeds really are contagious... so, let's all spread some gratitude instead of Covid! Call (940) 234-7746 to speak directly with Impact Signs at Falls Truck Center and together we can start spreading those smiles.

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