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Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Among the many employees at Falls Truck Center, Leo is one of the hardest working and friendliest there are! If you've ever stopped by, you very likely may have been welcomed by our much loved door greeter. He is an all around stand up guy and always puts a smile on anyone's face who meets him. His job duties are numerous and he is always happy to come to work.

Leo works mainly in the Chrome Shop and upstairs with Impact Signs. He can be found greeting customers, installing signs, and ensuring employee morale is at it's highest. His managing skills are superior, and his patience with others is perpetual. It goes without saying that we feel he is the pick of the litter! We are proud to have him working side by side with us at Falls Truck Center.

His day doesn't end when he clocks out to head home though. After hours, he doubles as a security guard and domestic engineer. He is dedicated to his family which includes his mom, dad, sister, and little brother. Keeping up with two youngsters can be a tiring job but he never falters. During a recent interview with Leo, we sat down and asked him what he valued most with being so busy all of the time. Without hesitation he told us, "Being with my family is hands down what I cherish the most and look forward to each and every day!" It's evident that he is a family man and extremely proud of his people.

With so much work and even more job titles, we wanted to know how he kicks back and relaxes on his time off. "On my days off, I enjoying going fishing with Dad. Occasionally, we will load up the kids and mom and just take off on a joy ride. I'll even snap a selfie with Mom every once in a while. Getting to visit with friends from time to time is always a joy. You might find me taking a quick dip in the lake during summer or creating a spontaneous snow angel in the winter. I really do love the outdoors and all the sights, sounds, and smells that it has to offer. As far as a favorite past time of mine, it would definitely have to be taking naps," says Leo. He really is an all-round upstanding fella with a broad array of interests.

Next time you're in town, stop by and meet Leo in person. He'll be glad to shake your hand and show you all of the great things that Falls Truck Center has to offer. If you're interested in seeing any of our dedicated ten different departments, he would be more than happy to take you for a walk and let you check them out in person. We are sure to have something for everyone! Give him a call today at (940) 234-7746.

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