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Advice for Successful Resolutions

With the start of each new year brings new beginnings and fresh starts for all of us. It's like a clean slate, and let's be honest, we all …myself included... love a clean slate! After the holiday rushing around has ended and we begin to look forward to fireworks and making productive goals for ourselves, it really is nice to take a moment to just sit back, take in a deep breathe, and exhale all that was. I think for the most part, we all go into the new year with hopes, aspirations, motivation, and excitement that only the New Year can pull out of us. It's all about (dun, dun, dun...) perspective.

For some of us, it's the shedding of unwanted holiday pounds. For others it's financial stability and becoming debt free! Even still, there's hopes and plans of starting or expanding families, maybe even buying first cars or forever homes. All of these things are great and give us renewed purpose in life. Despite all of these exciting and monumental things, some refuse to jump on board with the whole "resolutions" because they do tend to be broken and eventually wear off. That's totally understandable and I can see why you feel like that. If you're one of those people though, before you immediately write me off and stop reading, give me a chance to shed some light on this subject.

Despite that teeny-tiny bit about "broken and worn off" being said, I still feel like it's a good way to get started in the right direction and better ourselves. I tend to be that type of person that needs to set a solid date or milestone to make big changes happen. I don't typically have success with weaning myself off of old habits. It has to be on "X" day and cold turkey! So yes, I will be making my New Year's Resolutions again this year... just as I do every year! Got to hope for the best and keep your eyes on the goal!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not always so positive about my progress and more than once I have fallen overboard. I think my biggest struggle every year is the oh so typical New Year's diet. Just like everyone, I have great intentions at the kick off and drink my last glass of wine to ring in the New Year and cheer to the start of great things sure to come. However, check back in with me in two weeks, and my drive has already started to diminish. Bummer!

See, I think the problem is that these traditional resolutions are made in good faith but are slightly unrealistic. Like, we need to set goals for the long haul and not look for that immediate gratification we all so dearly want. I'm the type of person that likes to see progress instantly. The thing is, resolutions are supposed to be a change in our way of life. Habits are hard to break. I know you all have heard that at least once in your lives before, but it's true! The reality of it is that it took time to get where we are and adopt those unwanted habits and it's going to time to break and redirect them.

Instead of setting a black and white goal where one specific end result is the only progress we need to start being proud of all of our achievements and accomplishments along the way. Each little sacrifice and added effort we make is one step closer to where we want to be. Trust me, I get that it can really seem like a mountain to climb when we first get started. Be proud of yourself! Allow celebrations of each step you make in the right direction. You can't get to the top if you don't take the first step off level ground. There's most likely going to be some stumbles and maybe even a few falls but it's that getting back up and sometimes simply crawling when you have to that will keep you climbing that mountain. Change is a good thing and while it can be scary, you can't get anywhere new if you don't. There are a gazillion different proverbs out there that say this same thing. So,... no more belittling and doubting when I miss a day on the treadmill or cave in to those cravings. Tomorrow is another chance to get higher up that mountain, and who knows, maybe that little indulgence will encourage me to work a little harder so no ground was ever lost.

Regardless of whatever resolutions we end up making for ourselves, in order to be successful, we are going to have to be patient and forgive ourselves when we don't have a perfect day. The bottom line here guys …and gals... is that we've got to be diligent and see this through to the end. In order for anything to last, it must be created with the best there is to offer and applied with true care and thoroughness. The foundation will determine the longevity and what all it can endure. That is exactly how we perform all of our work here at Impact Signs and Falls Truck Center.

If you're thinking or planning on creating any kind of signage, give us a shout! I betcha' we can help. We would love to help you accomplish your goal for this upcoming new year. We are located in Wichita Falls, Texas at 2303 Old Jacksboro Highway. Our phone number is (940) 234-7746. If you'd like to get an idea of some of the great work that we do, take advantage of the following links and go check us out online or find us on Facebook and Instagram. Make sure you click all around our website because there's lots of stuff to explore. We have lots of different departments that can handle just about anything automotive, an online store with cool merch and the added convenience of shipping straight to your front door, and of course our blog that has really fun and informative reads.

Do you have any New Year's resolutions that you're planning on making? If so, what are they? How do you plan to accomplish them? Have you made any in the past; how did they turn out? We'd love to hear from you. Leave your comments in the section below. Please don't forget to like and share this blog before you go. Your responses and shares really do help us out and are greatly appreciated. As always, take care and we'll see ya' soon! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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